Rise of Kingdoms MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Gems, Resources)

Rise of Kingdoms MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Gems, Resources)

Name Rise of Kingdoms
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Resources
Deverloper LilithGames
Size 1G
Request Android 4.4
Original Google Play
Category Strategy
Người Đăng LilithGames,
Cập Nhật November 24, 2022 (1 week ago)
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Rise of Kingdoms APK (MOD, Unlimited Money & Diamonds, Resources, All Unlocked) is a highly appealing simulation strategy game for mobile devices today. The game takes you into the battle to expand your territory, create your own civilization, and make it flourish. Let’s download the Rise of Kingdoms MOD APK version shared by MODHIHI in the article below!

Introduce about Rise of Kingdoms MOD APK

Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade APK was released by Lilith Games; initially, the game was called Rise of Civilization, but in 2019 the name was changed back to the current one. The game still retains the core and tactical gameplay that has been through many updates, but the features have been expanded to create extremely interesting experiences. There are many quests and interesting things waiting for you to discover in this Rise of Kingdoms.

Awesome gameplay

When you first start playing Rise of Kingdoms MOD v1.0.62.35, your basic task will be to build a farm on large fields.Then, one by one, larger structures and modern factories appeared.Your goal is to create your own empire. According to each level of play, you will build, harvest, and train troops.

Rise of Kingdoms MOD APK Download 2023

Send your army to conquer everywhere to expand the territory. You can ally with other allies to easily win and receive valuable loot. However, winning a new land is not easy; you must have time to scout, find out information, and then build tactics to attack them.

In addition, players of Rise of Kingdoms MOD can also participate in extremely attractive RPG battles. You will choose the hero representing your empire to command the army to fight everywhere. These heroes are designed based on images from famous characters in world history such as Julius Caesar, Minamoto no Yoshitsune, Cao Cao, Joan of Arc, etc.

One mission every day

Every day you will have different tasks to perform in Rise of Kingdoms. Completing them is the key to helping your kingdom grow quickly. With each completed mission, you will unlock a precious treasure. Use them to build your kingdom. So do not stop on quests to open the most treasures.

Main quests and side quests will alternate for players to perform. It forces players to remain focused while playing Rise of Kingdoms hack APK in order to properly complete the system’s requirements.The completion of the mission is also one of the very important issues for upgrading the strength of your kingdom and your army!

Rise of Kingdoms MOD Money, Gems APK for Android

Join allies to play with everyone.

To conquer new lands easier, joining an alliance is essential. One person cannot win, but when there are many armies working together, it will be easier for you to capture the “resource-rich” land. You will form alliances with other empires in order to obtain their assistance and to support them when they are in need.After successfully capturing the new land, you and your allies will share that “cake” together to develop your empire.

You can play other strategy games like Clash Royale on Modhihi.com.

Expand your territory through conquests

When you download Rise of Kingdoms MOD APK, you will build your own empire on the original land, and when you grow up, you will easily expand the territory by exploring and fighting on new lands. These new lands possess countless resources, including food, animals, fruits, etc. They are valuable things for you to use to build buildings for your empire.

However, to capture these lands is not easy and requires you to have a strong army. Therefore, players need to constantly build armies, upgrade them, and train them. Build training areas and collect good commanders to support the most effective strategy of conquering everywhere.

3D Graphics

Rise of Kingdoms APK is designed with an extremely attractive 3D graphics platform. It provides high resolution, so the image on your phone is extremely sharp.Thanks to that, the player’s experience is also much more realistic.

From characters, backgrounds, and items to resources, All are meticulously designed. It immerses players in a world of virtual war that is also full of reality.Not only that, it is also combined with impressive sound effects to create a sense of suspense for the player.


Rise of Kingdoms is a great strategy game that you should download and play on your phone. The most recent version of APK Rise of Kingdoms MOD, shared for free by Modhihi, will give players an advantage in rapidly expanding their empire.

MOD APK version of Rise of Kingdoms

MOD Features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Free Shopping
  • No ADs
  • Unlimited Resources
  • Ani-ban
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