Pixel Gun 3D MOD APK 22.9.0 (Unlimited Money/Gems, Ammo, Menu MOD)

Pixel Gun 3D MOD APK 22.9.0 (Unlimited Money/Gems, Ammo, Menu MOD)

Name Pixel Gun 3D MOD APK
Version 22.9.1
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Gems, Ammo, Menu MOD
Deverloper Pixel Gun 3D
Size 520M
Request Android 5.1
Original Google Play
Category Action
Người Đăng Pixel Gun 3D,
Cập Nhật January 2, 2023 (1 month ago)
DOWNLOAD Pixel Gun 3D MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Gems, Ammo, Menu MOD)

Pixel Gun 3D Mod APK is an extremely hands-on shooting game. The game will take you into the most intense shooting battles ever from a first-person perspective. Download the Pixel Gun 3D APK (Mod Money and Gems) and enjoy a variety of other features such as MOD unlimited ammo, God Mode, unlocked everything, and so on.

Introduce about Pixel Gun 3D – Battle Royale APK MOD

Pixel Gun 3D is developed by Rilisoft. Up to now, this game has attracted gamers around the world, earning more than 10 million downloads on Google Play. This number proves its coverage on a global scale. Right from the start, you will be overwhelmed by the pixel design of the scenes, characters, and gadgets, which are all very new and eye-catching. In particular, by participating in the world of Pixel Gun 3D, you can also experience the fierce gunfights of other players.

Pixel Gun 3D APK MOD Download

Pixel Gun 3D is a battle royale survival game, but it is different from PUBG Mobile or Free Fire in that the graphics are designed in the form of square blocks like Minecraft. Thanks to that, it creates an extremely interesting perspective for players. Familiar gameplay, simple controls, diverse game modes and experience maps, attractive weapons, etc., and much more.

Pixel Gun 3D has quite simple gameplay

To continue the journey in the game, you need to use all your skills to shoot down enemies as quickly as possible. All require careful calculation to bring you close to the correct goal. Aside from single player, you can also enjoy a variety of other modes, such as offline and online play.

In addition, you can also accompany other players, such as Pixel Man, Capture Man, Capture the Flag, and Battle Royale, to fight online or solo.

Download Pixel Gun 3D MOD Unlimited Money, Gems, Ammo for Android free

Overall, the gameplay of Pixel Gun 3D Mod Unlimited Diamonds is addictive and difficult to stop.Playing in offline or online mode, you can enjoy the “crazy” feeling of the pixelated game.

Outstanding Features of Pixel Gun 3D

  • Explore four different maps

In the world of Pixel Gun 3D APK v22.9.1, you will join millions of other players from all over the country. You are provided with 4 different maps, and the maximum number of participants in each match is 100. You need to fight and overcome 100 people to become the last survivor.

  • Build a strong fortress

Pixel Gun 3D Mod‘s developer has added a new feature that allows players to form their own tribe and then fight enemies to loot items and supplies. What you need to do is join forces with the whole tribe to protect the clan fortress from invaders. Besides that, you also have access to clan chests. This is a place that provides a lot of items and equipment to increase the defense power of the fortress.

  • Let’s experience the zombie apocalypse

If you feel too bored with the previous gunfights and now want to look for something new and more dramatic, surely the zombie apocalypse will help you get that feeling. It provides everything you have in your arsenal to destroy your enemies. Try to fight and do your best to see how far you can get before the zombies attack.

  • There are 11 different modes to experience

The game allows you to explore many different things. The most special to mention are the 11 different game modes, including: death match, arena, survival, co-op survival, campaign, and countless other modes. In each mode, you experience and feel the excitement differently. This is one of the reasons Pixel Gun 3D MOD Unlimited Money, Amm0 is so popular.

Pixel Gun 3D 2023 MOD APK latest version

  • Map with more than 30 different locations

Make no mistake: in the world of Pixel Gun 3D, there are more than 30 different locations. The game will transport you to new and interesting lands. In each area, there will be its own map, such as Nuclear Street, Sniper Fortress, Cosmic Arena,… Here you need to build flexible tactics for each table to ensure victory.

  • Collect more new weapons

To win the final, you need to equip the most advanced and powerful weapons to deal with the approaching monsters. And the Pixel Gun 3D MOD APK has a lot of weapons, each of which will have its own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, you need to understand them and use them wisely.

  • Raise pets to fight enemies.

You will never feel lonely or bored on the battlefield. In this virtual world, you are allowed to have pets. Each animal has its own special ability to assist you in defeating all enemies. In particular, the number of pets will be limited, so you need to choose correctly.

  • Make a lot of your own items.

To collect items, you must complete the tasks and challenges that the system provides, just like in other games. However, in the world of Pixel Gun 3D MOD Menu latest verions 2023, you can completely create the desired item by using the “crafting” feature. Just collect the required materials, and you have created your own tools.

Not only that, but you can also wear many different outfits with amazing camouflage effects. It allows you to overcome the pursuit of the enemy and counterattack when necessary.

MOD APK version of Pixel Gun 3D

MOD Features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • No Recoil
  • Fix lag
  • Always Fatal
  • VIP Unlocked
  • Quick Reload
  • Double Jump
  • One Hit
  • God Mode

How to install?

Step 1: Go to Modhihi.com and search for the words “Pixel Gun 3D.” At the bottom of this article, there is a link to download the MOD and OBB files.

Step 2: Place the file “com.pixel.gun3d.zip” in the DATA repository’s Android/OBB folder. Wait for the procedure to complete before installing the MOD file.

Step 3: The MOD file will be installed shortly; you must wait for the installation procedure to complete.

Step 4: The game logo icon “Pixel Gun 3D by MODHIHI” will display. You simply need to visit at this moment to play the battle royale survival simulation game.

DOWNLOAD (Unlimited Money, Gems, Ammo, Menu MOD)
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