Mad Gunz MOD APK 2.4.8 (Unlimited Money, Ammo, Speed)

Mad Gunz MOD APK 2.4.8 (Unlimited Money, Ammo, Speed)

Name Mad Gunz
Version 2.4.8
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Ammo, Speed
Deverloper Shooting games for everyone
Size 129M
Request Android 4.4
Original Google Play
Category Action
Người Đăng Shooting games for everyone,
Cập Nhật December 2, 2022 (2 months ago)
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Mad GunZ MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Ammo, Speed) or Mad Guns MOD APK is a shooting action game from the publisher Shooting games for everyone with pixel graphics similar to Minecraft and Pixel Gun 3D. You will be involved in extremely intense battles, but don’t worry because the MOD APK version of Mad Guns at Modhihi gives you the advantage of not having to worry about running out of ammo and having money to go shopping for free.

Introduce about Mad GunZ (Mad GunS – battle royale) APK MOD

Mad GunZ APK MOD Download is an FPS action game with the perfect combination of Fortnite, PUBG’s Battle Royale gameplay, and Minecraft’s innovative graphics. In addition, you can also experience more traditional multiplayer modes, such as the classic Death Match.

As an online shooter, when entertaining with this game, you will connect to the network and find people to play with. These are fierce gun battles between players to find the winner.

Mad GunZ MOD APK download latest version 2023

Funny plot

Many players were taken aback by the plot of this game, which is paranoid and crazy (similar to science fiction movies). You wake up one morning and, as always, feed your beloved Fluffly cat breakfast with you. At this point, you accidentally discover your refrigerator door is open, and a black hole has wrapped you up in another place.

When you wake up, you see an armored chicken standing in front of you. And the first challenges are to pick up the gun and shoot down the slow hamsters and a unicorn that is not very agile or large. After this test, a new world appears after you walk through the door. This is exactly what players want to experience.

Join the battle for survival.

You will participate in a fierce battle. In Mad GunZ MOD Unlimited Money, we can use a lot of guns, such as pistols, submachine guns, machine guns, etc., with quite high damage. Just control the light movement left and right, forward and backward, and shoot continuously when seeing the enemy appear.

Mad GunZ MOD APK Unlimited Money, Ammo, Speed for Android

In order not to be too boring, you can completely change the character and the different equipment so that it is cool or the style suits your taste. Although it is a shooting game that needs to be fought to save lives, we still have to be beautiful, right? For the original, you can run out of ammo and now be quick to destroy any object you come across.

Various Weapons

Mad GunZ APK Mod Unlimited Ammo features a diverse weapon system ranging from primitive to modern. Each type has different levels of, etc. damage, including: guns, armor, grenades, hammers, axes, first aid tools… Unlike other games, the game does not provide combat equipment to the player from the first screen. other shooting games that they must collect during their battle.

In addition to the aforementioned weapons, you are also introduced to countless power-ups that are hidden in the game screen to help you in dangerous or flipping situations, such as the teleport bar, health, or some weapons. heavy gas. Remember, they will appear randomly, so don’t expect too much from them but focus on the killing part.

Download Mad GunZ APK MOD for Android

Pixel graphics

So far, pixel graphics are not very appreciated. However, for gamers, the choice to use pixels makes a difference in creating a highlight for their game. It can be said that the enemies choose Mad GunZ not because of the graphics but because of the story, the diverse character system, and the weapons that create attraction.

Mad GunS’s main characteristics

  • Using pixelated graphics with boxy blocks but with a subtle color scheme, this is considered the highlight of this game.
  • The weapons are diverse and somewhat crazy to stimulate players, such as lollipop candy, a magic wand, or a hamster shooting machine. Those are the weapons you can use.
  • The system of enemies is diverse and funny, such as fighting chickens, aggressive octopuses, or stupid zombies.
  • Despite having a large space for players to comfortably observe the enemy, you can only see your hands and the weapons in use.
  • Control and move easily with the touch button on the screen, like in any other game.

MOD APK version of Mad GunZ

MOD Features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Unlocked All
  • Max Speed
  • Anti-ban

How to Install

Step 1: Download the APK of MOD version of Mad GunZ released by

Step 2: Unlock Unknown Sources to allow the installation of the game “Mad GunZ”.

Step 3: Open the file. Select Install.

Step 4: Follow the on-screen instructions until the installation is complete. Click the icon to experience the game.


No need to care too much about tactics; you just need to enter the game to be able to turn on the comfortable drying mode when you download and install our Mad GunZ MOD. Participate in a battle and carry heavy weapons with you because you can buy whatever you want. That’s what any gamer wants; we get many offers to add unlimited money features to MOD, and that’s why this MOD was born.

DOWNLOAD (Unlimited Money, Ammo, Speed)
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