Harvest Town MOD APK 2.6.5 (Unlimited Money, Enegry, God Mode, Menu)

Harvest Town MOD APK 2.6.5 (Unlimited Money, Enegry, God Mode, Menu)

Name Harvest Town
Version 2.6.5
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Enegry, Speed, Menu
Deverloper AVIDGamers
Size 599M
Request Android 4.4
Original Google Play
Category Role Playing
Người Đăng AVIDGamers,
Cập Nhật November 30, 2022 (2 months ago)
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If you love farm management games and want to experience the feeling of becoming a true farmer, read on. Then Harvest Town APK (MOD Money, Gode Mode, Enegry, Speed) is the ideal game for you. With new gameplay, Harvest Town will definitely bring players extremely interesting experiences.

Introduce about Harvest Town APK MOD

Harvest Town APK not only has beautiful pixel graphics and fun characters but also creates an idyllic and realistic virtual world. Harvest Town is a Stardew Valley-style role-playing game where you play as a young person who has lived almost all of his life in the city. One day, suddenly, he or she (the chosen character’s gender) is transferred to a small village in the countryside.

In Harvest Town, players will take on the role of a relative’s heir to a small farm. Although she originally lived in a lavish city with a stable office job, However, work-related stress and other problems in life can always dampen your mood. Therefore, you have decided to return to this countryside and start experiencing the life of a farmer.

Harvest Town MOD APK Download

You will learn about the work experience from other people in town. He also built and developed his farm to be larger and more modern. In addition, you can also make friends with other farmers and build your small family in the most perfect way. All the above-mentioned interesting things are waiting for you to experience and discover in Harvest Town.


APK Harvest Town MOD Money‘s gameplay can be said to be extremely diverse. In the game, you will be able to experience the feeling of becoming a real farmer. Besides gardening, planting trees, harvesting, … you can also experience sea trips, fishing or exploring caves, mineral mines, … That’s why you choose to play like that. Anyway, how to make money is entirely up to you.

Harvest Town’s time is separated into discrete days. There will be morning, midday, and nighttime hours in a day. You may do whatever you want to earn money and improve your farm in the morning and afternoon, including farming, breeding, fishing, and mining. With an evening timeline, you will be permitted to work until a specific hour and must leave work before that time in order to avoid being weary the following day.

A very crucial point to remember is that it doesn’t matter what you do that day. However, your day’s deeds won’t be remembered if you don’t finish working or playing until after dark. This implies that if you log out of the game, all game data for that day will be lost, and if you log back in, you will have to play that day over again.

Characters and Skills

At the beginning of the game, you will be able to design the appearance of your character yourself. Although the images in the game are shown in the form of pixel graphics, you can completely adjust your character, from hair color and skin color to the clothes on your body, to help your character stand out more.

Download Harvest Town MOD Unlimited Money APK for Android

Moreover, after upgrading the character’s level, you can also add points to increase some basic attribute stats for your character. In addition, bonus points when leveling up also help you strengthen skills in work such as gardening, fishing, mining, etc. to make your experience more interesting.

Items System

Items play a very important role in Harvest Town MOD Unlimited Enegry, Speed. As a farm game, besides seed items or working tools, Players can also collect support items to help reduce the time it takes to plant trees or increase the success rate of fishing. These items will bring great advantages, making the player’s experience easy.

Farm construction and development

Harvest Town APK Download will help you experience the feeling of becoming a real farmer. The farm area you get will be almost a wasteland with overgrown grass, rocks, and stumps everywhere, and even the house you live in is very shabby and old. Your first job will be to clean up this farm, from your garden to your house.

After completing the cleaning, you can proceed to buy seeds, plant trees, get water, care for them, and wait for the time to harvest and bring in profits. There are many different types of seeds and plants that you can grow on your farm. Each type of tree will have a different harvest time and economic value.

Besides planting trees, fishing, or participating in other activities, you can also accumulate materials and gold coins to build and upgrade houses and barns on your farm. The upgrade will allow these buildings to be expanded and modernized. thereby increasing the productivity and efficiency they bring.

Harvest Town MOD Menu, Money, Enegry, Speed

Other experiences

Besides the simple farming jobs, you can also experience many other jobs. It can be fishing, sailing, mining, and so on.These features will also provide players with experience points to help them level up.

Besides, you can also participate in many interesting activities in the town area next to your farm. Activities here are usually organized by the hour of the day or by the day of the month. This month’s activity will be different from the previous month’s, making the player’s experience more interesting.

You can also learn about some other games such as FarmVille 2 or Township.

Town and its inhabitants

The town next to the farm is home to a lot of people. They are NPCs and are able to move around and do the right things for their roles. You will be able to meet, trade, buy, and sell as well as interact with these NPCs. At the same time, interacting with these people will help you increase your sympathy for them. If you reach the required intimacy points with some people of the opposite sex to your character, you can even proceed to marry them. And then you can build your own family.

Sound and Graphics

The soundtrack of Harvest Town MOD APK is designed quite simply, with a moderately fast tempo and a cheerful melody. Give players a sense of excitement and comfort while providing excellent entertainment.Furthermore, the background music changes in some maps or when players participate in special activities or festivals, increasing the fun and enjoyment for players.Harvest Town has some sound effects that are quite simple but have made the game much more interesting.

In the form of pixel graphics, Harvest Town gives players the image of a beautiful, peaceful Asian-style countryside. Everything is friendly and lovely, both in terms of character design and the villagers here.In addition, by being able to communicate and talk with the people, players can better understand the personality of each person as well as the lives of the people here.

MOD APK version of  Harvest Town

MOD Features

  • Unlimited Money
  • God Mode
  • Unlimited Energy
  • Movement Speed Multiplier

How to Install Harvest Town

Step 1: Download the Harvest Town version (APK or MOD) from Modhihi.com.

Step 2: Enable the unknown feature on apps with sources other than Google Play to allow the MOD feature to work.

Step 3: Tap Settings on the main screen.

Step 4: Finally, you turn on the game and enjoy.


Harvest Town APK MOD is really a good and extremely interesting game that you should not ignore. With the experience of being transformed into a real farmer, participating in countless different activities. It will definitely bring you wonderful experiences and extremely effective relaxing moments. What are you waiting for, download it now to discover the interesting things in Harvest Town. Wish you have hours of great entertainment with this exciting game.

DOWNLOAD (Unlimited Money, Enegry, Speed, Menu)
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