GTA 5 – Grand Theft Auto V MOD APK 2.0 (Unlimited Money, Unlocked)

GTA 5 – Grand Theft Auto V MOD APK 2.0 (Unlimited Money, Unlocked)

Name GTA 5 - Grand Theft Auto V
Version 2.0
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Unlocked
Deverloper Rockstar Games
Size 3G
Request Android 5.0
Original Google Play
Category Action
Người Đăng Rockstar Games,
Cập Nhật November 21, 2022 (2 months ago)
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Grand Theft Auto V – GTA 5 APK (MOD Money, Menu) is an action-adventure game series that gives players new content. In GTA 5: Grand Theft Auto V, you will not experience a specific game, but a combination of different game types. includes role-playing, adventure, action, racing, covert action, and more.

GTA 5 is an action game genre developed by the famous Rockstar Games in the gaming industry around the world. GTA 5 APK’s full name is Grand Theft Auto V. This is the fifth version following the GTA 4 storyline. GTA 5: Grand Theft Auto V was released on September 17, 2013.

Grand Theft Auto V MOD Money, All Unlocked for Android

After nearly 10 years of release, the game still has a large number of players around the world thanks to its online features and many other interesting mods. This game has officially set a sales record for the global game industry, earning Rockstar $ 800 million in just the first day. And in just 3 days, the number of sales of this game quickly reached the milestone of 1 billion USD (source: Wikipedia).

Grand Theft Auto V is set in the game around 2013, mainly in the fictional city of Los Santos (simulating the city of Los Angeles), inspired by the busy, lavish city of Los Angeles in real life. Here, players can travel; the city is extremely open; they can go anywhere and do what they like. GTA 5 Mobile is meticulously built by its creators. Inheriting the highlights from the previous version and combining them with the strange points has created a game with great graphics and sound.


GTA 5 MOD goes in a new direction when all 3 main characters are in the land of Los Santos. You will have to work to earn money and then buy houses, cars, and even plunder to become a notorious gangster.

The majority of the missions revolve around a social theme, with some involving large-scale robberies. Players will have dozens of things to do before performing the mission, from selecting targets, planning, hiring people, preparing tools, and then proceeding. But it will also have laws; you will be wanted and imprisoned, just like in real life. You also need to eat if you don’t want the character to die.

The game of law is very simple; when someone breaks the law, the law enforcement team is always there, and especially all of the team is Al.This team will hunt criminals at all costs. It is illegal to want to become wealthy quickly in only one way.But all illegal ways have their price.

GTA 5 - Grand Theft Auto V MOD APK download latest version 2023

You can also fight back by owning in-game weapons with the money you earn, or you can get the GTA 5 MOD APK version to be able to experience it as full money shopping.

Character and weapon system

As briefly mentioned above, before participating in the robbery, you can completely select one of three characters: Michael, Franklin, or Trevor.We can see that each character has completely different advantages and disadvantages. We will carefully analyze each character for you to learn and choose before playing Grand Theft Auto V.

  • Michael: This is a middle-aged hand with a number of cheeks; after a young age with a bad record, Michael now has a family and a large fortune. Before the police chase, this was a character with a lot of experience and bravery.
  • Franklin‘s character is that he is relatively young and comes from places under the bridge in the United States. This character possesses many admirable tricks to deceive people. Although he has not participated in such big robbery missions, his youth, together with his will and recklessness, can do great things.
  • Trevor is considered a muscular character who can be quite good with the police but has no brain. Despite his age, Trevor is just a street drug dealer with a fiery, shocking nature.

The weapon system in the game is also very diverse; players can equip their characters with rifles or shotguns, even SMGs and sniper rifles… Moreover, players also see guns. grenade launchers, melee or sniper rifles and grenades, bulletproof armor, and much other equipment are waiting for you to discover them.

Vehicle system

Entering the game, players will see a prosperous city with a lot of cars, motorcycles, and even battle tanks or jets with modern weapons equipped. The fact that players can also see Lambogini supercars or colorful convertibles running on the road means you can also buy them or rob them on the road, but be careful not to get hit.

Another thing that many people love about this game is that players can freely travel, repair their favorite cars, and even attach the most advanced weapons to the car to participate in counterattacks. surprise from the police.

Graphics and sound

The game maker of GTA 5 MOD APK has portrayed the character’s image very well. You can see the character’s facial expression when talking or the professional gestures of a gangster. Possessing vivid 3D graphics along with a beautiful, large open world in every detail The action sequences are performed smoothly and with high precision, so it has brought us a whole new experience.

The sound in GTA 5 is very well done. The characters’ lines are all performed by the voice actors in a vivid and realistic way. The racing phase, the bullets, and the explosions are all very monumental and interesting. You did not hear wrong; everything that appears in the game also surprises you.


GTA 5: Grand Theft Auto V is a game you might enjoy if you’re interested in explosive action gameplay. No one can pass up the opportunity to become a major influence in the city. You, too, rise from what you can do, no matter how small. GTA 5: Grand Theft Auto V mod opens a unique game mode on the phone. Go back to your childhood, but now it’s not at the internet shop anymore; it’s at your home.

MOD APK version of GTA 5 – Grand Theft Auto V for Android

MOD Info

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlocked All

How to Install

  • Download APK and DATA file
  • Unzip the DATA file to Android/data. (The exact path is “Android/data/com.rockstargames.gtasa”)
  • Install APK file and play game
  • Maybe not work on Android 11
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