Bowmasters MOD APK 2.15.25 (Unlimited Money, Gems, All Unlocked)

Bowmasters MOD APK 2.15.25 (Unlimited Money, Gems, All Unlocked)

Name Bowmasters
Version 2.15.25
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Characters Unlocked, Menu MOD
Deverloper Playgendary Limited
Size 129M
Request Android 5.0
Original Google Play
Category Action
Người Đăng Playgendary Limited,
Cập Nhật November 30, 2022 (2 months ago)
DOWNLOAD Bowmasters (Unlimited Money, Characters Unlocked, Menu MOD)

Bowmasters MOD APK is a new coordinate shooting game with over 60 insane characters and 60 different weapons. This game is quite similar to the Angry Birds game style, with colorful graphics, and looks quite fun. Download now for free the Bowmasters MOD Unlimited Money, Diamonds, All Characters Unlocked, immortality, one hit, etc.) shared by MODHIHI in this article to have a better advantage over other gamers when we play!

Introduce about Bowmasters APK MOD

Bowmasters, released by Playgendary Limited, has attracted tens of millions of downloads on Google Play. Your task is to control the character’s coordinates and shoot forcefully to destroy the opponent. When the enemy’s blood reaches the 0 line, you will be the winner. The simple gameplay and extremely unique 2D graphic design make you both tense in the shooting phase and have fun thanks to the “funny” graphics.

Bowmasters APK MOD Download

In Bowmasters, players have a high concentration of attention, mostly on bow control skills with right-aligned attacks (like darts or archery). Gamers need to align their bow towards the correct position of the opponent. Since Bowmasters is a turn-based game, it should be fair to all players.

When hit by an arrow, the character’s shape will be changed. Certainly at times, players will laugh with tears at the image of the person hit by the arrow as a wounded soldier, etc. In addition to the weapon of the bow and arrow, the game also has other rich and diverse weapons for the player to choose at will. option. Although you can choose another weapon, the main objective is still to adjust the direction, coordinate, and attack in turn to ensure fairness.

Join the match and become an excellent archer.

Bowmaster MOD Money latest version has simple gameplay. To hit the target, players must wait for the correct direction before dragging and dropping the bowstring.Each time you hit different parts of the opponent, the HP of the person hit will decrease to zero. If you hit the head, the HP will decrease the fastest. The team whose health reaches zero first is eliminated.

The game possesses a diverse character and weapon system for players to choose from. Each different weapon also has a different firing force and angle. Therefore, gamers need to find out for each character a reasonable ratio to use in combat to destroy the target quickly, neatly, and quickly. The difficulty of the game is gradually increased so that players will not get bored.

Download Bowmasters MOD Unlimited Gems, Money, COins

The game has many different game modes. Gamers can play with friends and relatives after hours of studying and working hard. But if gamers play alone, they will train themselves in many personal skills: the ability to shoot, adjust the distance, and improve the calculation of hitting the target.

Diverse game modes

BOT: This is the first mode that new players can join.This is a game mode that must be played before opening other modes. In this mode, the player must win random computer characters through a series of increasingly difficult levels.

PvP: the player’s device is required to have a network connection. In the multiplayer game mode, you can participate in battles with many people. Each player needs a network connection to play this mode.

Hunting birds: Hunting Birds is one way to help gamers earn more rewards. The player’s goal is to shoot down the birds; weapons in each level are changed randomly.

Tournament: a mode to help gamers earn more rewards.

Character system associated with weapons

Bowmasters MOD All Characters Unlocked provides an enormous number of characters to role-play. You can become anyone when you unlock them to transform into a warrior. Most of the characters are designed after famous characters in comics and cartoons. To unlock new characters, you need to use money to buy them. Each character will have a different selling price, so the best way is to download Bowmaster’s Unlimited Money version to play!

Bowmasters APK MOD Money, All Characters Unlocked for Android

Each character has their own set of visuals and weapons. Some characters in Bowmasters: Dart Gorsky, Lol Vein, Bad Girl, Jeremy, Shark. Unlike games with the same action genre, players in Bowmasters are not supported in choosing weapons. Each character has a distinctive weapon: Neko has the Kunai, Ice Lord has the Frozen Spear, and so on.

Shopping for necessary items

After winning each game, gamers will get chests. Open the chest immediately to receive countless valuable rewards such as coins, diamonds, etc. Players need to always try their best and win to earn lots of valuable rewards. From there, you can unlock bad characters, heroes, muscular guys, etc., or use money to buy a variety of weapons such as swords, saws, guns, knives,…

Graphics and Sound

Graphics designed with 2D animation are very simple, using many beautiful colors. The character system and weapons are designed with humor and fun. The game also has vivid, fun, and meticulously designed effects for the characters and their weapons. When the character has a throw operation, you will immediately see many colored light streaks from the flying weapon. When the weapon is dropped on the ground, those colored streaks will be broken into many small spots and gradually disappear.

Those light streaks will be different for each weapon. What about when the target is hit? At that time, the blood splash effect will appear. And yet, if you hit some parts, the weapon can be pinned there or fall to the ground. The more you hit, the more the character’s face will be deformed and the body will wobble.

Besides, the accompanying sound effects, such as the sound of weapons launching and the sound of the character’s screams when being hit, give players a feeling of attraction and excitement.

The game has fun background music but also creates tension and drama, like being in a real competition.

MOD APK version of Bowmasters

MOD Features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unliimited Gems
  • All Characters Unlocked
  • No ADs
  • God Mode (PVP Mode)
  • One Hit (Bot Mode)

How to Install Bowmasters MOD APK

Step 1: You need to download the version of Bowmasters (APK or MOD) released at

Step 2: After the download is complete, click the Install button that appears on the screen to start installing the game.

Step 3: An icon of the game will appear immediately after the installation is complete, click on it to experience it right away.

Note: Make sure your device has never installed Bowmasters before, if so, remove it.


More than a normal archery game, Bowmasters APK MOD gives players a lot of great relaxing moments after a long period of study and hard work. Let’s join the game to practice the skill of aiming at the most accurate angle. What are you waiting for without downloading and becoming an excellent archer?

DOWNLOAD (Unlimited Money, Characters Unlocked, Menu MOD)
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